Sup Tech


Layers of epoxy and 6 oz. fi berglass wrap a hand shaped, low density EPS foam core for a lightweight, rigid build. Reinforced with a wood stringer this premium construction offers the best padde experience on the market, performing in all water conditions. Minimal bottom shaping and a smooth finish offers maximum glide per stroke reducing paddle fatigue, allowing you more time on your board.



Thermo Shell construction is light weight, performance based and extremely tough. The EPS core is set with a wood stringer and wrapped with a full layer of fi berglass to add rigidity and bond the foam with the outer shell. Our high-strength Duraband fiber is wrapped around the rail of the core to add to impact resistance. An exterior layer of Thermo Shell tape seals and reinforces the bond between the top and bottom layers.




Our 3D Softy construction uses 2 wood stringers and an epoxy/fi berglass layer that runs the full length of the board with extra layer of glass in the standing zone. Where other soft constructions bow under the rider’s weight, our 3D Softy holds shape for riders of all sizes. Comfortable foam covers the entire top of the board and rail, helping protect against minor bumps and dings.


High-pressure drop stitch construction is at the core of these super-light, easily transportable paddle boards. Our Fusion wrapped rails increase rigidity by joining the top and bottom sheets along the edge and is reinforced with an extra layer of PVC. Defl ated these boards roll to a compact size and are easily stowed in the included bag along with the paddle, fi ns and pump.